The Glatitude List-May 27



Friday, May 27, 2016  7:10 am
                                                                                                                       Thousand Oaks, California

Glatitude 18 Bunny List

May 21-May 27, 2016


bestbunniesBagel, Lox and Cream Cheese , Scrambled Salami and Eggs and Netflix with Schwink. Because That’s Called Sunday.

bestbunnies Date Night @ Home with The Dude= Pand Express Eggplant Tofu (Yum) + “The Revenant” (Meh)

bestbunnies“E is For Forgiveness” (AKA “I Dropped A Big Ball and Schwink , Even Though An All-Nighter Was Required, Forgave Me.”)

bestbunnies The Health, Safety and Well-Being of My Children

bestbunnies Knowing To Press Pause on Wednesday When My Bad Paw Threw Craps

bestbunnies Quote of The Week: “Uncertain as I was as I pushed forward, I felt right in my pushing, as if the effort itself meant something…”- Cheryl Strayed, Brave Enough, page 65

bestbunnies Remembering It’s Just A Bad Moment, Not A Bad Life.

bestbunniesMy “Face-In-A-Book” Selection of The Week: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

bestbunnies I’ve Never Blogged A Blog In My Life. The Many Kind, Encouraging Comments and “Likes” Mean Alot. So Many Mercis.

bestbunnies Red Nose Day All Around Town with The Dude and Schwink. So Fun. (Your Turn:

bestbunnies Sixty Days Without One Extraordinarily Shitty Thing Happening.

bestbunnies Adding “Restoration” to  Meaning and Purpose, Freedom, Choice, Clarity, Peace and Calm in My Recovery from The Empty Nest Syndrome

bestbunnies Discovering “The Theory of Relictivity”. I Have No Idea Where This Stuff Comes From. I’m Just Grateful To Have A Place To Put It When It Does.  (

bestbunnies Waking Up Thinking What’s Right Instead of What’s Wrong.

bestbunnies My Sobriety

bestbunnies thislifetomake Has It’s Fifth and Final Page (and my goal for the first month of blah,blah blogging is met. Check.Mark.)

bestbunnies Knowing That All That I Have Comes From God and The Gentlemen (and that I am only their steward)

bestbunnies Learning To Say Nothing. Constantly.


bunniesinacupAnd then, there’s The Unspoken Bunny. Which is a deep, indescribably fulfilling glatitude for glatitude itself-the awareness that this, in and of itself, this thankfulness is the essence that carries me, from strength to strength, in this life I have to make.

5 thoughts on “The Glatitude List-May 27

  1. Really enjoyed this list of positivity. Also really enjoyed your Theory of Relictivity too, btw :).. Personally I’ve always been of a mind that our elders are valuable and many things can be learned from them – thus making them special and beautiful!


      1. Thank you so much, I’m quite flattered 😊 and happy to know you enjoy! I definitely appreciate the positivity in your blog, as someone who tends to get wrapped up in their darker thoughts I need that beam of light to drag me out of it 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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