“The 18”-Ways I Get To Be A Friend


” My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake” 



1.daisyhear2 Don’t Ask. Let Them Tell.

2.daisyhear2 Don’t Tell. Let Them Ask.

3.daisyhear2 Hear When You Listen.

4.daisyhear2 Try A lot of Tenderness.

5.daisyhear2 Turn. Off. Your. Phone.

6.daisyhear2 Be Patient.

7.daisyhear2 Remember That Love Is An Action Word Too.

8.daisyhear2 “To err is human; to forgive, divine”- Alexander Pope

9.daisyhear2If You Wouldn’t Say It To Them, Don’t Say It About Them.

10.daisyhear2 Don’t Minimize.

11.daisyhear2 Or Be Dismissive.

12.daisyhear2 Stand in Your Most Quiet, Strongest Place.

13.daisyhear2 Be Graceful.

14.daisyhear2And Brave.

15.daisyhear2 Provide Shelter From The Storm.

16.daisyhear2 Platitudes and Clichés? Not So Much. (See   daisyhear2#10 and   daisyhear2 #11).

17.daisyhear2 Remember Someone Who Blessed You With Friendship.

18.daisyhear2 And Be This Blessing.


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