The Glatitude List-May 12


Thursday, May 12, 2016  4:45 am
Thousand Oaks, California

“You didn’t have to shake it but you did
But you did but you did
And I thank you.
You didn’t have to make it like you did
but you did but you did
And I thank you.”

-ZZ Top

“I Thank You”

Glatitude 18 Bunny List  

May 5-May 12 2016

  bunnylist The Gentlemen (God, The Son and The Holy Spirit-My Faith in Them. And Theirs in Me.)

bunnylist  The Health, Safety and Well-Being of My Children

bunnylist  The Dude and Our Best. Days. Ever.

bunnylist  My Sobriety and My Recovery From The Empty Nest Syndrome

bunnylist  My Terrace and The Calm, Peaceful, Drama-Free, Cozy, Lovely Home Attached to It

bunnylist  Just Enough Money for The Things Money Can Buy

bunnylist  And An Abundance of The Things It Cannot

bunnylist  This Weekend’s Girls-Get-Outta-Dodge with Schwink (And Our Tres Charmant French Inn on The Central Coast Near The Badass Bunny, Whom We Will Visit)

                  bunnylistCoffee, Smokes and The LA Times Crossword Puzzle (AKA “The Breakfast of Champions”)

bunnylist Losing Another 2 Post-Menopausal Pounds

bunnylist Michael Lewis’ “The Big Short” (My Latest Read)

bunnylist The Pearl of “Purpose” Blogging Has Added to My Strand

bunnylist Daily Emails from Friends

bunnylist Vermont Feeling the Bern!

bunnylist Making Progress with the Parts of My Story I Still I’m Still Trying to Find a Place For

bunnylist Prayer

bunnylist La Belle’s New Job and Her and Beau’s Happy Third Anniversary

bunnylist Being A Mother on Mother’s Day

 peacefulbunny And then, there’s the Unspoken Bunny. Which is a deep, indescribably fulfilling glatitude for glatitude itself-the awareness that this, in and of itself, this thankfulness is the essence that carries me, from strength to strength, in this life I have to make.


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