The Glatitude List-May 20


Friday, May 20, 2016 5:52 am
Thousand Oaks, California

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.”

-The Hausa of Nigeria

Glatitude 18 Bunny List

May 13-May 20, 2016


runawaybunny2 The Watchful Love of The Gentlemen

runawaybunny2 Getting to Teach The Badass Bunny How To Be a Baby Shark

runawaybunny2 A Compass Pointing Forward

runawaybunny2 The Health, Safety and Well-Being of My Children

runawaybunny2 One Perfect Long-Stemmed Red Rose From The Dude

runawaybunny2 The LA Times Endorsement of “Anyone But Trump”

runawaybunny2 My Sobriety

runawaybunny2 My “Face-In-A-Book” Selection of The Week: The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt

runawaybunny2 The Gift of Spring In Full Bloom (And All That Nature Crap)

runawaybunny2 Learning How To Build A Better thislifetomake Blog Page with The Dude ( and that i married tech support)

runawaybunny2 Asparagus and Feta Fritatta and Chai Pancakes with Schwink on Petite Soleil’s Lovely Courtyard on Our Memorable Girl’s Get Away to SLO Last Weekend

runawaybunny2 Adding “Meaning” and “Purpose” to Peace, Calm, Clarity, Freedom, Choice and Direction in My Recovery from The Empty Nest Syndrome

runawaybunny2 The Hilarious Emails La Belle and I Send Back and Forth (That I Will Plagiarize and Plagiarize Warmly)

runawaybunny2 A Home That’s Where I Want To Be

runawaybunny2 Schwink’s Courage, Strength, Wisdom and Grace As She Takes a Little Rain

runawaybunny2 Remembering To Pray To Be Mindful of The Energy I Bring Into A Room

runawaybunny2 The Bunny’s Talented Little Dog Sprocket and The Little Doggy Tricks He Performed for Schwink and I in SLO. The Kid’s A Comer.

runawaybunny2 Panda Express Eggplant Tofu. Makes Me Grateful I Have A Mouth. Everytime.




therunawaybunny And then, there’s The Unspoken Bunny. Which is a deep, indescribably fulfilling glatitude for glatitude itself-the awareness that this, in and of itself, this thankfulness is the essence that carries me, from strength to strength, in this life I have to make.

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